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Flowers are not just our business, they are our inspiration. Our love for "naturally beautiful flowers" is synonymous with everything we create and our meticulous attention to detail is evident in all that we do. All of our work is bespoke and made to our exacting standards with only the finest flowers directly sourced from top quality growers in the UK and other renowned flower producing countries.

We are an award winning company and pride ourselves on our friendly and caring approach to custome​r service. The reason our clients buy flowers from us is so important. Whether it be to celebrate the joy of a wedding or special occasion or to bring comfort to a loved one, we feel it is our job to be with our clients on their journey and to offer support and advice as needed. There really is nothing quite like a naturally beautiful flower to stir or soothe the emotions. 

Here I am enjoying the sunshine outside Flor Zen

in Malaga. Check them out too ... amazing flower shop!

Hi, I'm Cathy and I would like to welcome you to The Flower Shop, established in 2011 and based in my home village of Chalgrove. As you may have guessed, I am passionate about flowers but that wasn't always the case! Floristry is my second career and, had I known the happiness it would bring me, I would have picked up a flower far earlier!

I have to say one of the most delightful parts of my job aside from the wonderful flowers is the equally wonderful people that I meet.  I so enjoy getting to know new customers and fellow florists and I love the way that my flowers can bring such joy and comfort to all that receive them. Whether it's the thrill of planni​ng a wedding with an adorable couple or lifting the spirits of someone experiencing one of their darkest days, I really can't think of more fulfilling vocation and I feel very privileged to be able to do it.  I also love seeing the absolute joy on a student's face when they finish one of my classes and see the beautiful arrangement they have made after telling me pre-class how rubbish they are going to be!

Since setting up The Flower Shop in 2011, I have been lucky enough to work all over the UK and Europe providing exceptional wedding and event flowers as well as freelancing for other florists. I count myself very lucky to have a great network of florist friends who I can rely on for support as well as being able to help them when they need me.

I hope you enjoy looking through my website and I look forward to being able connect with you very soon! Feel free to contact me by text, email or social media for an informal chat about your floral requirements.

The Flower Shop

25 Vicarage Close



OX44 7RD

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